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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be Organized!

"A place for everything and everything in its place" is just one of my mantras!  I've tried to pass this trait down to my children.  I can't think straight when things aren't organized!

I spend way too much time cleaning and organizing everything, but I especially enjoy keeping my beads and findings organized.  It's a full time job really.  Every time I clear out a few projects that means re-organizing.  Not only so I can see what I have to play with but also so I know what I'm low on.  {If there's anything I like more than organizing it's shopping!  And shopping for beads is just plain fun in my world}.

I'm a bit of a 'collector' of boxes and bags.  I just can't stand to throw out any type of container that I could possibly reuse to keep other things organized.  This does become a problem however!

The focus of this blog is actually the fact that I've been working extremely hard on building a website.  This is no easy task!  There's a lot to it, which brings me to my dilemma with being organized!  If I could get myself organized to finish this website task it would be done and I could move on with more interesting blogs!  This is what happens when I'm not organized - I become discombobulated.  The problem is I don't exactly know what I'm doing therefore I cannot put together a list and get organized!

So, stay on track everybody and try to keep things organized in your life!  I'm having a little trouble with this at the moment but I know that a positive attitude will get me through this project.  Then we'll ALL be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour!

Thank you and Namaste!

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