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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bead Weather, Not 'Bad' Weather

We're in for a winter storm here in Northern Alberta.  Yay!!!  Perfect bead weather if you ask me.  Just don't tell my husband how much I like it afterall he has to work in it.  It's not terribly cold.  Only about -12C but there's a wicked 37km/hour wind coming from the east so it 'feels' like we're on Antarctica.  In fact there was a snow drift blocking my front door this morning.

Everybody's lamenting on facebook about purchasing snow shovels for the impending dump of the fluffy white stuff.  Luckily I live in the country and we use a piece of equipment that you sit in to move snow!  And luckier yet I don't know how to run it!

Anyhow, when the weather turns like this I go into the craft zone.  All happy and giddy, sipping tea and playing with my stash.  I hide out in my studio and create beautiful things.  Yes, I have a studio - I'm a very lucky girl.  And if you want one too all you have to do is use the kitchen table as your work area for several days in a row and pile your craft 'crap' in front of the fridge blocking access to the beer and your husband will construct one for you also!

Seriously, today I will finish the four unusual pieces on my work table.  I've ventured into Tibetan beads and tribal-like necklaces.  It's quite a challenge as I really don't know much about this stuff in particular but do I ever love how the pieces are turning out.  I cannot wait to share them with the world!  My inspiration for these pieces was from the work of a gifted artisan named Deborah Snyder found on ETSY. Allysarosedesigns is the shop name.  I'll fill the link in when I can get onto that site but you can find her by searching her shop name.

Have a great day everybody and make the best of the weather and go make some snow angels and run with the dogs - they seem to love the weather.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and Namaste.

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