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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Online Shopping

Have you ever shopped online?  These days it seems that everyone does.  I'm definately an online shopper!  I love the fact that I can sit in my big comfy chair in my jammies sipping on coffee while shopping for whatever item I need that day and never have to leave the house.

My absolute favorite place to buy things is an online market called ETSYWikipedia defines ETSY as "an e-commerce website focused on handmade and vintage items as well as arts and craft supplies".  There's a wide array of things you can buy.  ETSY is the coolest craft fair whenever you want right from your lap!   I purchase a lot of my beads there as well as finished jewelry and knitted sweaters.  It's composed of people like you and me as well as commercial vendors.  I've made more than 150 purchases there and not once have I experienced any problems.  I've met so many wonderful sellers there that I've become friends with.  Mentors if you will.  And hey - if you have something handmade to sell give ETSY a try.  You can set up your own website for free.  You just pay a very small listing fee for each item you want to sell.

One thing for sure is that even if you don't buy online you can definately get a really good idea of what things are worth and what's available so when you actually step foot into a store you're empowered with knowledge.  This worked out beautifully for me when I got into beading.  I had no idea about anything really.  I'm self taught.  Having the world at my fingertips is very beneficial for me in obtaining the best prices possible for beads and the components to finish jewelry.  Good for me - good for my customers!

I woke up to a frosty -17 morning.  But as the sun is beginning to shine as I type away, I can see the frost beginning to melt off the birch trees and the glistening snow on what once was green lawn is near blinding.  Winters are long and cold in Northern Alberta so I've learned to be patient with the weather and appreciate what Mother Nature gives us to admire.  It's actually very inspiring.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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