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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tibetan Styled Necklaces

Here's a couple of necklaces I've been working on.  The Top pendant is faux turquoise and coral but you can probably tell that just by looking at the big blue plastic stone!  It is a Tibetan style though and would be a lot of fun to wear with jeans!  It's a very lightweight, versatile necklace and is strung with old Tibetan and big red marble resin beads.

The bottom necklace is the grand prize!  The repossed brass pendant contains turquoise and coral inlay.  It's strung with red jasper, wood, gold freshwater pearls and turquoise.  It's a stunning piece - unique and beautiful. You'll know you're wearing a significant piece when it's around your neck.

I wanted to share these two pieces to show how effective a faux piece can be and of course how beautiful real stones can be.  I love to create beautiful jewelry that everybody can afford.  As soon as my website is up you'll be able to find exceptional pieces that you will love to wear for years to come.  Faux, real or a mix of each!

Thank you for looking and Namaste!

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