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Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking for 'Like'

Hello!  In an effort to build my online presence I'm looking for a little 'Like'!  Head on over to my Facebook profile here and 'Like' me, okay!?  That would be wonnnnnnnnnnnnnderful!  Thank you very much.  and for those that have already demonstrated that they 'like' me, thank you - I like you too!!

I added a whole bunch of pictures today of some of the jewelry I have for sale.  Just a little something for you to preview while I toil away on the website!  It's getting closer.  My goodness it's a lot of work.  It's going to be well worth it though.  My bead obsession and jewelry making hobby is beginning to feel like the business I envisioned it to be.   What a great feeling!!!

Gypsy Road Beads thanks you and Namaste.

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