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Monday, December 19, 2011

Slow Down Sandra!

Lately I've had the privilege of caring for my 9 week old grandson a lot.  There hasn't been a baby close by in the family for a very long time so it's been extra special for us all.  In fact he's exactly what our family needed.  He grounds us.  As I work at the computer and watch my little Marshall nap peacefully nearby, I'm reminded of my younger days.  As we get older we tend to think about our younger selves with a different perspective!  How many times have I wondered outloud how did I do it all back then?!!  There were so many responsibilities - the kids, the husband, the job, the bills, the chores, the pets, the shopping, the cleaning, the endless cleaning and everything else that needed doing back in the day!  I for one just took it all in stride and did what needed doing.  I never thought I was overworked, overtired, overextended or even overbudget!  It was life and I lived it the best way I could!  I always had a tidy home, prepared wonderful meals, the cookie jar was always full and so was the muffin jar!  The kids were well mannered, well adjusted and always had clean clothes and clean faces!  How could I have known that life was whirling by at an alarming pace?  I should have paid better attention when grandma told me that life goes by really fast and to just slow down and savour it. It didn't feel like it was going too fast at the time though - in fact sometimes it felt like life was taking forever!  But not now - oh, no, no.   Every morning I wake up with my mental list of things to get done and every night I go to bed thinking about all the things I still need to do!

That brings me to my present situation.  I'm admitting that I'm a little tired out - the kind of tired that takes days, even weeks to recoup from!   I've accomplished many goals this year.  Some were planned and some were not, but they were accomplished just the same.  The year is almost over now and the festive season is upon us.  I've decided to take grandma's advice from long ago and slow down a wee bit and savour some family time.  The beads projects will always be there and so will the dusty shelves and the laundry.  I'm going to savour the time with my grandson in a way that I didn't with my own kids.  I'm going to allow myself to be okay with a tidy home - it doesn't have to be super clean!  That will free me up to savour time with my husband, family and friends.

Sometimes creative people need to take a little break to recharge!   So y'all watch out come January.  There'll be a flurry of beading activity at my house!!  I can't wait!  Marshall is waking up now and it appears he's my new boss so I must run!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and Namaste!

Blessings of the season to you all.

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