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Friday, January 20, 2012

Cold, or What?

-27 C this morning.  It's the last day of our first real cold-snap of the season.  It's been brutal.  Temperatures hovered in the -30 to -40 range and if you factor in the windchill, we were into the -50's.  Downright nasty!  You can't even breathe outside in that kind of cold - the dry air grabs your throat and chokes you!  It's only been a week but it 'feels like' a century!  When it's been this cold, -25 doesn't feel too bad in the sunshine!  Yesterday I only had on my jacket (no mitts, no toque) and it felt great just to be outside finally!  We are a hearty bunch us Canadians!  We're going to be blessed with a few balmier days then we're headed for the tank again.  That's okay though, because for me the weather dictates how much time I will spend on my beading projects.  The worse the weather - the more I accomplish!

Yesterday's mail haul was spectacular!  I received my bead order from my friend Deb of AllysaRoseSupplies - what a distraction that was!  She puts together the sweetest combinations of beads for me.  Deb is an accomplished beader and she inspires me to be a better designer.  You can view her work on ETSY here.

These are some of the new beads I'm working with right now!

My Mary Kay orders arrived and needed sorting.  It feels just like Christmas sorting through the boxes of skin care and make-up items!  Love it!  You can shop for your favorites on my site.  Check out the Time Wise products - they're beautiful.  If you would like a free sample of something let me know!

And lastly, my packaging and displays arrived from NotableNotions.  I'm preparing for this spring's Valleyview Home Show and need to be able to display my wares in an attractive fashion.  I got the perfect items from Notable Notions.  Now I need to take all brand new photos of the jewelry pieces for my shop to make them look even more appealing!  But so far I think it's going to look pretty delightful!  I'm starting to get excited!

Well everyone, have a bead-i-ful day and Namaste!

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