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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Listen to the Universe!

You never know from one day to the next what exciting new things will take place in your life.  I was content creating jewelry for myself when I met Erwin Rivera.  For some reason, Erwin inspired me to push myself a little further to transform my passion and now I'm selling my jewelry online on my very own website.   The journey has been exciting, fun and best of all rewarding.

Then, my sister and I attended the Valleyview Home Show and we were drawn to the Mary Kay booth like magnets.  We engaged in conversation with Arlene, the super-friendly, albeit persuasive vendor peddling Mary Kay and voila - now I'm a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  I have no idea how this happened but I'm sure having a lot of fun - more than I ever imagined possible.  I never set out to sell Mary Kay - it just happened!  All I really wanted was some new makeup but instead I have a fun little enterprise that I jokingly call my 'Mary Kay Empire'!

These events in my life reinforce my theory that everything happens for a reason.  If you've been following my blog you already know that I'm passionate about making beaded jewelry.  My chance encounter with Erwin was simply a nudge from the Universe to get me to make an effort to share my passion with others.

But, Mary Kay?  Using quality skin care products has always been important to me.  I've been wearing makeup since I was spunky enough to climb the bathroom vanity to sneak into mom's makeup case.  Well, I've since discovered what the Universe has been trying to tell me for quite some time. 

I can be a bit of a hermit - okay a lot of a hermit.  I'm content to communicate with the human race via E-Mail, Blog, Facebook and Txt.  If I have a computer I can manage my life rather well without having to leave the house or to interact with other people!  Becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant has forced me out of my comfort zone.  I'm talking to people face-to-face and opening up about myself and letting my guard down.  I've been calling friends I haven't spoken to in years - it's been great catching up! I'm taking time to reacquaint myself with people.  

Sometimes the Universe has to scream kind of loud but eventually I pay attention!  So, if you are in need of jewelry surf over to Gypsy Roads Beads, my online store or better yet, come out for tea and I'll display all my wares on the kitchen table - that's a lot of fun!  And if you need some makeup, skincare or perfume surf over to my Mary Kay online store and do some shopping or call me and we'll set up a date for a Mary Kay Facial Party!  I haven't done one of those yet and I'm really looking forward to doing one!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog and Namaste!

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