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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've never been good about dealing with rejection.  It leaves me with a hollow feeling and chips away at my self-confidence.  How do telemarketers do it?

In an effort to build my customer base, my goal is to call at least one potential Mary Kay customer each day to discuss whether or not they'd be interested in being on my 'Preferred Customer Mailing List'.  Being a preferred customer entitles you to a beautiful Mary Kay gift with a minimum $50.00 purchase in each quarter.  Good for me and great for my customers.  I'm hitting some road blocks however.  I'm finding that many women associate Mary Kay with just makeup and are somewhat turned off by it.  Somehow I will have to promote the wonderful skin care lines Mary Kay has right off the bat!

But get this - the other day I called three ladies in a row.  The first lady uses only soap and water on her face and had no interest whatsoever in Mary Kay!  We did have a delightful conversation though so that was nice rejection number one.  The second lady I called also uses only soap and water on her face and only wears mascara on occasion.  She wasn't interested in being a preferred customer but she did show interest in a skin care and makeup application class, so there is potential.  Lady number three also only uses soap and water on her face and wasn't interested in Mary Kay at all.  I hadn't spoken with her for about 2 years so we did have a wonderful conversation catching up!

I couldn't believe my luck!  I thought everyone would share my enthusiasm for this stellar product.  Three rejections in a row forced me back to the drawing table to think over my approach and my target market.  I thought it best to leave it alone for the day and tackle it anew the next. 

The next day started off with a polite rejection.  She's loyal  to her chosen product and it's not Mary Kay.  The next call was also a rejection but only because she already buys Mary Kay product from her daughter.  I double-dog dared myself to make that third call.  The lady was delighted to know that I sold Mary Kay and wanted a catalog and would think about being a preferred customer.  Not a complete rejection!  So, I'm back in action!

I've since picked up many new potential regular customers and I'm 7 customers away from my target goal of 30 for this quarter.  If you're interested in being a preferred customer please don't hesitate to contact me!  I'd love to share this wonderful product with you.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to share in mine and Namaste!


  1. Sandra,
    Would it be okay for you to post about the skin care line here on your blog, or maybe have a separate blog for it? Write up some good information there and even if someone rejects right away, you can ask them to visit your blog and see what they think? Sometimes it is easier for people to commit when they are thinking about it in their free time, and know that no one is waiting on the other side for an answer.

    1. I've set up the skin care blog!
      You can check it out here:
      Thanks again!

  2. I've been considering starting up a Mary Kay skin care blog and now that you've suggested it to me I will give it serious consideration! Thank you very much.

    1. Awesome! Will head out to read it.
      ANother that you do have a blog, you can add it to the signature of your email, so it gets publicity that way, and curious minds may wander in there

      Good luck, Sandra!