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Monday, February 20, 2012

My Lucky Day!

Something wonderful has happened to me today!  The past week has been brutal health-wise so I was ready for something special!  Mondays are usually my lucky day and upon opening my e-mail this morning I discovered that I am the winner of the SPRING FUN WITH BUTTERFLIES CONTEST - a beautiful handmade butterfly necklace, bracelet and earring set from Krafty Max Originals.


It's so pretty and summery!  I can't wait to get some new tee's to wear this set with.  Pink & Turquoise - 2 of my most favorite colors!! 

Please read the Artfire profile on Krafty Max here and get to know this generous artisan! And do take a few minutes to poke around her blog - it's chuck full of information and lovely photos of her work.

Here she is, Kraft Max!

It's always exciting to win something but for me this is extra special.  You truly made this girl's day.  Thank you Krafty Max and Namaste!


  1. I am so very happy that you will enjoy this set. It will be out in the mail first thing in the morning and you should be wearing it by the end of the week! I am happy to be the 'bringer of good news'!! Have a wonderful day!! ~KM

  2. What a wonderful surprise!

    Sorry you've been having health problems. The same thing seems to be happening to a lot of my bloggy friends, and it makes me want to send each of you a care package. If only I could afford all that postage!

  3. Well, it's truly the thought that counts, so thank you for that!

  4. Congratulations on winning the jewellery set - the pieces are beautiful. I hope your health improves and you feel better soon. Keep well.

  5. I know! I can't wait to get the set....