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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover!

My sister Laura had two focal beads for me.  She got them from a co-worker that had admired my work.  I'd never met the lady, but she wanted me to design a necklace for her.  I was honored and felt confident that I could come up with something wonderful that she would treasure.  How difficult could it be?  I would be given just two beads and was allowed all the creative license I wanted to use!  I was feeling good about this little job.

That was until I saw how big, green and obnoxious looking the beads were!  They did not speak to my inner muse.  I disliked them on sight and couldn't imagine why anybody would want to wear them and wondered what possessed the woman to buy them!  But, I already said I would do it so I prepared to come up with something brilliant.  I looked at those neon green behemoths grudgingly for a couple of weeks.  I'd hold them in my hands and stare at their inclusions hoping inspiration would strike but they wouldn't even warm up.  The feeling of resentment was mutual.  I almost gave them back but just couldn't bring myself to do that.  I'm not a quitter and do enjoy a challenge so, there they sat on my worktable mocking me.

One of the obnoxious looking beads in question!
The deadline was nearing.  I discovered that the hole on the pendant bead was way too big for any of my bales so I'd have to go to Plan B.  But, there was no "Plan B" so.... time to try a new technique!  I'd never used leather cord before but I thought that it could possibly be the best route to go.  So, I dug through my stash and found some leather cord and in so doing came across some big, nasty looking, red clay beads destined for goodwill that had speckles of that same lime green color in them.  Once I saw all the obnoxious and nasty looking beads together everything just fell into place and a beautiful necklace took shape.  I love the combination of color and the textures of clay, wood, metal and leather.  It's amazing what you find to work with when the pressure is on!  Who knew I had so many big hole beads!

Luckily for me, the lady also loved the combination and now wanted a matching bracelet!  Well, once the necklace is designed the bracelet is a breeze so I got busy and created this:

When my sister saw this set she fell in love with it and immediately tried it on.  It looked amazing over her camel brown soft knit poncho.  That was the final hook for me.  Not only did I love it but I was certain my new client would as well.

I should have known better.  'Never judge a book by its cover'!

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Here's a couple more pics.....