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Monday, October 29, 2012

Give It Up!

Sometimes, I seek out ideas for something new to write about by reading Lori Anderson's E-Book: Follow the Path - Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger.  I love it!  There's a treasure trove of ideas packed into it.
This morning, while sipping my herbal Steeped Tea, I came across a question that hit home with me.

'What habit have you recently given up'?

Last June, in an effort to combat symptoms of anxiety, I gave up my habit of drinking coffee. Oh, how I loved my coffee!  It was the perfect way to start my day.  Two blissful mugs of the nectar with cream and sugar.
And it wasn't just the drinking of the coffee either - the place to drink it was important too!  The sun deck on a warm spring morning, by the bonfire on a snowy winter afternoon, curled up by the fireplace on a frosty winter morning in my jammies, out on the front step getting mauled by the dogs, with friends, with my husband.....  Ah, yes - sweet memories!  Don't forget the mug!  Oh My Goodness!  My coffee could only be taken in one of two of my favorite mugs!  The good ole days!

I had already tried several techniques and medication to alleviate my symptoms of anxiety and giving up coffee was on the very bottom of my list.  Eventually, one sad day I got to the bottom of that list and so........I switched to decaff!  Six months later I gave that up too, and felt even better yet!

Honestly, it was difficult at first.  Suffering from a little bit of withdrawal, I developed a migraine for three dreadful days but, it passed.  I nearly caved.

I was amazed though at the immediate positive results I achieved simply by giving up the habit of drinking regular coffee.  By making this one relatively simple change in my life, my level of anxiety diminished significantly.  I don't know why it worked for me but it did.  I thought giving up caffeine to combat anxiety was one of the stupidest things I'd ever heard, but I was desperate.  And, in order to prove the theory wrong and move on to the next one I gave it a shot and the rest is history!

Now I am a happily devoted tea toddler! My favorite supplier is Steeped Tea and my favorite blends are 'Cherry Rose Sencha' and 'Hawa-ya-doin'.

Thankfully, there is life after coffee!  I've had a lot of fun discovering all the interesting herbal tea blends and I feel good too!

Thank you for dropping by today and Namaste!


  1. hmmm..maybe I need to cut the coffee out too.
    Great post ~

    1. April, you don't have anything to lose except for a habit and maybe the added calories if you add cream/sugar!