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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Valleyview Home Show Success!

The Valleyview Home Show was loaded with vendors!  If you couldn't make it out, you can catch me at the Valleyview Home Business Sale this coming Thursday at the Memorial Hall!  The tables were huge and the venue was warm and comfortable!  The morning started out at -27 and the wind was blowing so that may have had an impact on the traffic.  Even still I did very well with my sales, took orders and put items 'away' for customers.  All in all - a very good day.  My mom had a table next to me - she was selling Schneider's popcorn supplies so I had a chat buddy, which is always nice!

The tables were super long and I was able to display my wares in a very eye pleasing way.  I was very happy.

My gift boxes arrived so I used them to display my necklaces. 

Getting them lifted up just an inch really made a difference.

My new earring display.

The far end of the table.

This is my gear.  How do ya like that for portability!
 Well, just thought I'd catch ya up on the sale!  Thanks for dropping by and Namaste!

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