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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bead Soup is Simmering!

My bead soup partner, Michelle Jensen has many irons in the fire.  She's not just an entrepreneur, she is a multipreneur!  I didn't even know that was a word!  You should get to know her and can do so by reading her blogs, Balancing Space - your guide to balanced living; and Socialcopter - you social media eye in the sky.  These are well written 'blog-a-zines' and have so much free information in them they'll make your head spin!  Great job on that Michelle and thank you!

Of course she has a website for her beautiful jewelry designs, found at 6 Petal Crafts.  Here's a shining example of her work:

Now that Michelle has received her bead soup package from me I can reveal what I sent her.  Now, if you're not sure what I'm referring to I'll remind you that I'm a participant in Lori Anderson's 5th Bead Soup Blog Party.   Lori pairs up her participants who are from all over the world, and each pair swaps an interesting focal bead and toggle along with some beads to match. Then we create something beautiful with our treasure once we receive it!  We don't know what we're receiving so it will be challenging and fun!  This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow artisans and bloggers and to make yourself better known out there in the world wide web!

Here are my soup ingredients sent to my partner, Michelle in the USA - a gorgeous focal bead of copper and turquoise from Tibet:

And, these are the beads and findings:

Included are some delicious golden Freshwater Pearls, some interesting chunky Turquoise beads, Russian Amozonite chips, red Glass, and a baggie full of copper and pewter findings and beads.  I learned what I could about Michelle and settled on sending her items I had not seen her work with, yet are subtle enough that she would likely wear her piece!

My package is en-route and I can't wait to see what's in it!  I will post pictures the moment it arrives!!

Have a wonderful day and Namaste!