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Monday, February 4, 2013

Prima Earrings!

Once again Prima Beads has sent me some wonderful product to work with.  This time it's the Earring Kit.  Scroll through and check out the earrings I made.  The easy to follow instructions (see bottom of page) made whipping up a new collection of earrings a breeze.  Click here to read my previous Prima Bead Review.  If you're a beginner jewelry maker you will enjoy creating these and will have no trouble following the instructions.  If you're an experienced crafter you will enjoy how fast a new collection of earrings comes together and appreciate the new patterns you can incorporate into your own designs.  Give Prima Beads a try - you can't beat the value!


Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any one or if you have any questions about the kit.  Thanks for stopping by today and Namaste!


  1. Wow! Very nice! They were supposed to send me some stuff but it never arrived. Probably got lost or something. You doing BSBP, this year?

  2. Hi Tracy! Nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm doing the BSBP - I'm in the 3rd round! It's too bad your package never arrived. I'd be happy to provide you with the name/email of the lady I work with from Prima.

  3. I've checked out their site several times but haven't seen the earring kit. I had a couple of items on my Christmas list but when hubby went to buy them, the shipping to Canada was ridiculous. We buy stuff online fairly often from Canada, the US and overseas and usually shipping is reasonable. I told the hubs to forget it, I didn't want them that bad. Too bad because they have a lot of nice products. Looks like you've got lots of new earrings! Nice that you get sent kits to review.

  4. Hi Shirlee! There are 2 earring kits - the one shown and another one which has a lot of chain in it. Yes, the shipping to Canada is simply outrageous. I even called the order desk to verify the shipping fees. I buy from the US all the time too and have never had to pay fees like theirs but that's the way it is. Their product is packaged above and beyond what's necessary so I can see why it's so expensive and oh me oh my do they ever have a lot of great stuff. As long as they send it, I'll create with it and blog about it but my budget doesn't allow for their international shipping fees.